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All about riding saddles !

It is often tricky to buy a product all the more when it is essential to a given practice like riding and saddle. The latter is mandatory in order to practice well. Yet buying it is one thing and knowing how to choose it is another, because not all models of stools will necessarily be compatible with the discipline chosen by the rider. Understanding the stakes as well as the constraints when choosing the saddle, a better apprehension of the product will necessarily follow.

The saddle and its size

Clearly, the saddle is the accessory between the rider and the equine. In this order, he sees his importance in comfort when practicing horseback riding. It should be noted that the saddle is mandatory during practice. The saddle must be stable and relaxing for both parties. Regarding the size of the saddle, it is not advisable to buy a model too fair to the horse or too small. This applies to both the headquarters and the neighborhood. Indeed, a large saddle is always more comfortable than a small saddle, whatever the discipline of riding practiced. Mostly, the saddle size used by all practitioners is 17.5. As for the price, admittedly, the best saddles are often expensive, but on equitack.com, you will always have an excellent value for money.

Concerning the form

Form is also an important choice criterion. As such, it will be necessary to forget all received ideas under pain of being confronted with various counterexamples. Clearly, the shape of the saddle must be chosen according to the physics of the rider as well as its positioning. Of course, discipline is also important when choosing the shape of the saddle. In this context, if you practice mostly jumping, it is advisable to choose the forward-facing quarters so that the rider will shorten his stirrups as much as possible without his knee beyond the area. For dressage, very long quarters are recommended so that the leg goes upright. For hiking enthusiasts, the wide seat is the best alternative because it will be used especially during long periods.